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Album Design

Are you wanting to add albums to your clients but have no idea where to start?

We get it, albums can be a lot. If you need a hand with the design of a cover or if you want us to handle everything from all design to client communication to ordering the album while you sit back and enjoy the extra revenue of albums - we got you!



Our signature offering is a 1:1 coaching coaching call, designed to offer you step-by-step support in your album journey.

This service is perfect for photographers who want to offer albums but don't know where to start. We will discuss everything from workflow, pricing, software and stratagies. A recorded zoom session will be provided at the end. 


“The whole process from beginning to end was EASY, fast, and STRESS FREE*” 

And that's a lot coming from a photographer who nit picks everything and wants everything to be perfect!

— Annie Graham

“As a PHOTOGRAPHER, I'm a huge advocate for having your photos in a TANGIBLE PLACE rather than just online.

My favorite part of the service was the ease of having everything designed for me.

— Dawn Charles

“Wow it was such a SEAMLESS PROCESS. Lynette was able to see what photos were JUST RIGHT together, to create a timeline*

Just the most seamless, easy process to take away the stress

— Dawn Jarvis

“Easiest, most streamlined, EXCITING EXPERIENCE ever! You’re a dream, Lynette!

Fears that held me back in the past were that it would be too time consuming - but with Lynette, it wasn’t!

— Macy Frances Jimmerson

album design curated to your needs

Our Mission

It's our goal to make offering albums as seamless and easy as possible for you. As a photographer, we know you have a lot on your plate! Let us take care of the details while you sit back and enjoy this extra stream of revenue.

I specialize in designing Vision Art albums. They truly are the best album makers in the world! We handle the design,  you (and/or the client) approve, and then I send you the print-ready files that can be ordered via Vision Art.
It’s super easy!

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The Album Design Process

order form

Let us know your needs in the order form. We can curate a workflow that works best for you.

design approval

You (and/or your client) have 3 drafts to make any changes. Our goal is for you to be 100% happy with the design before it goes to print.

printing and binding

Once the design has been approved the print ready files will be sent to you, ready to be ordered via Vision Art. Or, we can order the album for you, which ever you prefer.

From the very first email, I knew that I was in the hands of someone that was rocking a very tight ship!

- briars atlas

Lynette took away all the stress from creating an album, and made it a fun, beautiful process.

- dawn jarvis

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